Visit Santa Claus village in Finland

Christmas is around the corner and you can already hear the bells jingling. Take a trip to Santa Clause village in Finland to meet the jolly old man. You want to make sure that he receives your list, don’t you? So what’s better than to hand it over to him personally?

Christmas all year round in Santa Claus village

Every day is Christmas in Santa Claus village. It’s an unique place where visitors from all over the world come to meet the one and only Santa Claus. Besides greeting Santa, you can spent a nice holiday in these festive surroundings. There’s a wide variety of activities to choose from in the arctic circle. In wintertime you can enjoy reindeer sleigh rides and husky safari’s. Also you can try and catch the northern lights or just sit down and relax in a traditional Finnish sauna. As you can see it’s definitely worth a trip up north! No time to visit Finland, however? You can also sent Santa your list by old fashioned mail as well:

Santa Claus
Santa Claus Main Post Office
FI-96930 Arctic Circle

santa claus village

santa claus village

santa claus village

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