This Glögi recipe will keep you warm

And boozy.. Even though us Nomads love the cold and crispy Nordic winters, we also like to keep warm while we’re out and about. And what better way to do so than have sip of this red, magic drink so now and then? This amazing Glögi recipe will give you warmth and comfort during your outdoorsy activities, but you’re allowed to drink it indoors as well!

Easy Glögi recipe

We wonder if there’s a hard way to make Glögi (mulled wine), but even if there were, this recipe isn’t it. It’s as easy as pie and your Glögi will be ready in no time. And the best thing about it; it will make your house smell like Christmas!

Our favourite ingredients are:

1 bottle of red wine (go cheap!)
1 litre of blackcurrent juice (grape juice will do as well)
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 vanilla bean
3 cloves
a pinch of cardamom (you can throw in 3 seeds as well)
Some clementine or orange peel
2 star anise
and a fair drop of liqeuer (you can use vodka/brandy/Cointreau, whatever floats your boat)

Have you made Glögi before? Tell us about your favourite recipe!

Glögi recipe

Image source: Pinterest


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