See the northern lights in Sweden

One of nature’s most spectacular sights must be the northern lights. They blaze across the Arctic skies when charged particles discharged by the sun reach the earth’s atmosphere on solar winds and then collide with gaseous particles. This produces the most amazing curtains of lights in different colours, usually seen in pale light greens and beautiful pinks.

When and where can you see the northern lights?

Because of Swedish Lapland’s proximity to the magnetic north, it makes it a hot spot for this breathtaking phenomenon. The northern lights appear around the beginning of September in Kiruna to around the end of March all over Swedish Lapland (and of course in the northern parts of the other Nordic countries). So if you wish to see this majestic show of Mother Nature, be sure to find yourselves up north this winter. Although it’s never guaranteed that you will see them though, since we’re talking about nature and it’s ever so unpredictable..

Have you ever seen then northern lights? Tell us about your experience!

northern lights

northern lights

northern lights

Image source: Image Bank Sweden

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