Muuto lamps light up the dark

During the long nights of Nordic winter, it’s nice and important to brighten up your home. Luckily, Muuto lamps light up the dark with their typical clean touch of Scandinavian design. Let us show you our five favourites.

Minimalistic Muuto lamps

All Muuto lamps have one thing in common; their minimalistic design. Eventhough they’re created by different designers like Harri Koskinen and Mattias Ståhlbom, one can definitely recognize the no-nonsense attitude of the Nordics. Speaking of which.. There’s one other thing to recognize in one of the lamps. Does the Cosy in Grey fixture somehow remind you of another lamp of Scandinavian design? Let us know in the comments below!

Muuto lamps Muuto lamps Muuto lamps Muuto lamps Muuto lamps

  1. Cosy in grey
  2. Wood lamp
  3. UP
  4. Under the bell
  5. Pull

Source: Muuto

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