grey sheets

Between the fifty shades of grey sheets

When you’re busy (and even when you’re not), a good night’s sleep is essential for an overall state of happiness during the day. And for us Nomads, quality sheets are as much important as the little piece of heaven that we call our bed. So when Dekbed Discounter asked us if we would like to test their sheets, we were absolutely willing to do so. I mean, who can resist a nap on request?

Grey sheets

Since grey sheets would match our interior perfectly, we decided to go for the Pico model. These grey and white colored stylish sheets are made from 100% cotton and are very light and soft and look-wise they remind us very much of an Oxford shirt. Once they arrived in the mail, we first popped them into the laundry (which we always do with new fabrics, as should you). Because of the 100% cotton however, they came out quite wrinkly from the dryer. Of course you could feel the urge to iron them, but we’re not thát domestic and hey; the sheets will get wrinkled anyway.

Between the sheets

To be honest, we were a bit disappointed at first when we opened the package. We expected the sheets to have buttons at the bottom (for the blanket not to move), but nope, there was nothing. To our big surprise and great pleasure however, the blanket stayed put even without the buttons! We didn’t see that one coming. Even after a couple of nights, the blanket didn’t move an inch from it’s place. We guess it’s as snug as a bug between these sheets, as are we.

grey sheets
The Pico sheets have two different patterns: one striped side and one checkered side. We prefer the striped side up.
Color- and style-wise the Pico sheets match in many different interiors. Ours is Scandinavian cool, but they will suit perfectly in a romantic bedroom as well. (This non-photoshopped image shows the real colors of the sheets).
grey sheets
It’s hard to get out when the nest is so comfy and cosy.

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