Our favourite Iittala Christmas gifts

It’s only three days until Christmas Eve and we can image that you’ve done all your shopping way ahead of time! No? No worries, there’s alway something nice to find. Especially in the Scandinavian design department! Need to do some last minute shopping? Here are our four favourite Iittala Christmas gifts, with some classic evergreens and a new magical must-have!

The best Iittala Christmas gifts

Don’t know what to buy for the mr. or the mrs.? You can never go wrong with these classics!

  1. One of our personal favourites in the Iittala collection is the Aalto vase in this beautiful desert colour.
  2. The pot that lasts a lifetime; the cast iron Sarpaneva pot comes with a detachable wooden handle which you can use to lift the pot or the lid.
  3. The Ultima Thule pitcher is perfect to serve fancy cocktails, warm Glögi or just to give a festive touch to simple, cooled water.
  4. Klaus Haapaniemi’s latest design Tanssi, makes you want to dance the night away after a nice dinner party. These creatures of a mystical forest bring a magical spark to every table!

Have you got some Iittala Christmas gifts lying under the tree? Tell us about your favourites!

iittala christmas

Image source: Iittala

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