Discover the Oiva Toikka birds of 2016

The birds have returned from the south and there are some beauties among them! The Oiva Toikka birds of 2016 have plumages in fantastic, earthy colours. The bird of the year 2016 – the Harvest Puffball – is inspired by autumnal grain fields.

Oiva Toikka birds of 2016

The Harvest Puffball, the bird of 2016, is the two-toned big sister to Oiva Toikka’s small, much-loved puffball series of single-coloured birds. The plumage of the Harvest Puffball has shades of warm brown and silver lustre. It was inspired by the colours of late summer in Finland and undulating fields of maturing grain. The base colour of the bird is opal white, which is coated in translucent brown. The Harvest Puffball’s transparent head is framed by a lustre ruff and beak. This beautiful bird will be in the product selection for 2016.

Anna & Mari

In 2016, two new hens will join the Birds by Toikka series. Their names are Anna and Mari. Anna, the mother, shelters her chick, Mari, under her plumage. The birds are dome-shaped and the larger one protects the chick. Separately, they take on their own personalities, looking in the same direction or away from each other. Toikka’s love of words also stretches to the new birds, which he describes with wordplay: separately, they are Anna and Mari, but together they are Annamari. The dome-shaped, hollow body is a new interpretation of Toikka’s birds for the well-loved collection. The birds can provide shelter for the chicks that sit in front of them, as well as protecting more valuable treasures that need to be kept untouched. The transparent colouring of the birds was carefully considered. The sensitive, delicate yellow of Mari receives a splash of colour when the chick is lovingly sheltered by Anna, with her shades of copper-brown and mist. Anna and Mari are part of the permanent portfolio of Birds by Toikka collection.

The annual egg and cube

As usual, the traditional annual egg and annual cube will follow the colour scheme of the bird. One detail of the Harvest Puffball’s egg is a rhythmical bubble that makes a veil-like pattern between the layers of the egg. The same veiled glass technique is evident in the annual cube, while the lustre colour provides a continuum between the bird of the year and the annual egg. As ever, a limited edition of 2,000 numbered cubes will be made, along with a limited edition of 750 numbered eggs.


Oiva Toikka bird

Oiva Toikka bird Oiva Toikka bird Oiva Toikka bird

Image source: Iittala

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