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Sweet dreams in Design Hotel Klaus K

Where to go when you’re a design loving shopaholic and you’re in need of a place to stay in Helsinki? Seek no further. Design Hotel Klaus K is located in Helsinki’s vibrant city center and even more important; just in the heart of the design district.


Are you as much in love with the city’s historical buildings as we are? When staying at Klaus K’s, you can consider yourself a happy camper. The hotel’s premises go back a 100 years and are a combination of two architecturally important buildings; the one on the Erottaja side is architect’s Frans Sjöström’s signature work, built in 1882. The building on the Bulevard street was built in 1912 and designed by Lars Sonck, one of the most important architects of the national-romantic movement.

Love for drama

A design hotel like Klaus K, residing in such a historical building wouldn’t be complete without a touch of drama. The hotel’s name is based on a story of passion, betrayal, lies and envy. Intrigued? So were we. The by Elias Lönnrot compiled Kanteletar, which is a collection of Finnish folk poetry published in 1840, includes the ballad “The Death of Elina”. Klaus Kurki is the main character in this story and he was a ferocious man. His name was carved into the granite of the entrance doorposts in 1938 and so it happened: way before the hotel was there, it already had it’s name.


It is hard to find anything in Finland that doesn’t honor its tradition and cultural background. So does this proud design hotel in the beautiful capital of the country. The soul of Klaus K breaths Kalevala: Finland’s dramatic national epic which continues to fascinate travelers from around the world. Almost all of the furniture, carpets and objects have been tailored specifically for Klaus K, where you can find the myths of the Kalevala in the smallest details and even the hotel’s original room categories are named after strong Kalevala emotions: Passion, Mystical, Desire and Envy.

The interior of the loft lives and breathes luxury. The bed is placed on a higher ‘floor’ which overlooks the sofa and the telly. While lying in bed, you can see the stars through the ceiling window. Talk about romance!
It’s a tough choice: jump straight into bed or enjoy the streets and design shops of Helsinki?
When entering the room, we found these yummy little nibbles. Who can resist some fresh berries (love Finland!) and tasty chocolates?
A Finnish design hotel wouldn’t be a Finnish design hotel without Iittala glassware. In the bathroom you can find Aino Aalto glasses and in the minibar you will come across our personal favorites: Tapio Wirkkala’s Ultima Thule wine glasses.
In case you’re unfortunate enough that need to work while you’re visiting Helsinki (because there’s just so much other fun things to do than working!), you will find a big enough desk to focus on important matters.
Please, can we have a moment for the choice of bathroom lighting? Wow. Just wow. Instead of boring old light fixtures, the decorators of Klaus K chose for art. Thank you for this magical moment when we first opened the bathroom door. And, where did you buy them?
Instead of cutesie little bathroom amenities, Klaus K has chosen for big refillable bottles of soap and lotion. Which is a good thing for the environment (hear, hear!) but just a bit too bad for some of us that like to collect these eh- collectables.
However, not having to struggle with tiny, slippery bottles is a good thing in the shower. Here you can also find the Malin + Goetz products, which are made from natural ingredients and are good for a sensitive skin. Especially the peppermint shampoo gives you a kickstart in early the morning when you have to head to the airport at 5.30.
This one is for the ladies (and the long haired gents): the first, but hopefully not last, time that we found a hair band between the usual bathroom amenities. What a winner! Other hotels, please take notice.
The heavy quality bathrobes are a true luxury, such as the towels in the bathroom. The wardrobe lighting adds a theatrical wow-effect to them, which is totally deserved. Just wait until you try them…
Unfortunately we weren’t able to enjoy the famous Klaus K breakfast since we had a very early morning flight (which meant we headed to the airport at 5.30 am). Not only did we miss out on the fresh and nutritious Finnish breakfast delights, we also missed the morning buzz of this wonderfully decorated restaurant. Next time we will definitely come back to start our day with filled stomachs. Even our family who lives in Helsinki told us how amazing the breakfast at Klaus K is. Well, that gives us something to look forward to! Luckily we didn’t leave the premises hungry: at check-out we found two freshly brewed coffees and very tasty and healthy packed breakfast-to go’s.
No worries if you need to wait a couple of minutes for your room to be ready (we were a bit early) or at a crowded check-out. Of course you could take a seat at the bar or in the lounge area, but you can also have a quick piece of fresh fruit and a glass of tasty water which you can find on the reception desk. Thank you guys for the outstanding service and the wonderful hospitality!

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