2016 calendars, our favourite free printables

If you’ve had a couple weeks off during the Holidays, today it’s most probably time for you to go back to your daily life. Depending on how much you love your job, that may or may not suck, but we’re here to make things better anyhow! To count down to your next vacation, we have selected our three favourite free printable 2016 calendars.

3 Free printable 2016 calendars

Us nomads understand the importance of a stylish|cute|Pinterest-approved calender. They can make a tough week fly by faster and that’s why we’ve selected three pretty ones for you. They’re best when you print them on thick paper, instead of the usual sheets you’ll find by the company copier. These calendars will help you have an awesome start of 2016!

2016 calendars2016 calendars3


Image sources:

1 My Scandinavian Home | 2 Cocorinna | 3 Pinterest |


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