50 shades of grey interiors

Even though next year’s colours are Rose Quartz and Serenity (well, according to Pantone that is), to us Nomads grey interiors are here to stay! Whether it’s dark and classic, a rough concrete look or light and bright almost whitish grey; it’s one of the easiest colours to combine in ones interior.

Why we love grey interiors

We love grey interiors for a lot of reasons, but mainly because this colour (no matter what shade) gives an instant richness to your home. Use dark grey if you want to create an intimate boutique hotel feeling, or lighter colours of you want to go for a clean, nordic vibe. And with a pop of bright yellow or teal accessories, you bring a summer breeze into your home. Are those too bold for you? Why not combine grey with softer tones for a romantic look? For an earthy athmosphere, it’s nice to work with natural materials like wood and rattan. You see, your options are endless!

Do you like grey in your interior? What’s your favourite shade? Let us know in the comments below!

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